Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair Review 2021

If you’re the type of person who demands only the best, you’ve likely considered purchasing an anti-gravity massage chair for your home or business. And why not? They’re among the hottest “it” products of the decade for serious health enthusiasts.

But unlike miracle creams, pills, or celebrity product endorsements, these chairs really work. Of course, there are different types to choose from depending on your needs, space availability, and budget flexibility.

Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair

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2d models are often found at your favorite department or even discount stores. And they work to an extent. They take up minimal room, look good in an array of settings, and can offer a nice gentle limited body massage. But they have obvious limits, and the truth is they’re not all they claim to be.

Unfortunately, such is the case with any product regardless of its price tag or marketing set up. Still, the highest end anti-gravity massage chairs do provide miraculous health benefits. One of the most coveted models is the Infinity Iyashi massage chair.

What Makes the Infinity Iyashi Different?

The top anti-gravity massage models are 3d, meaning they give all-over body benefits. They’re designed specifically to contain your entire body and grip your limbs between padding to ensure all areas of the body touch the massage area. If you’ve done any shopping online or off for these products, you may have been somewhat taken aback by their futuristic appearance, at least at first.

Generally most of the top rated models are up to 5 feet high in their standard seated position, and allow user lengths between 5 feet and 6’ 5”. This easily permits most heights and many age groups to use the product.

While some of the machines have a professional appearance, many have a more alien look, which can lead to an almost cult-like following. The Infinity series is among the most futuristic line of anti-gravity massagers. And the Infinity Iyashi is currently the top 3d chair in the futuristic category.

So if it’s been your life dream to climb into a padded robotic machine and pretend to be a Transformer for a half an hour per day while all of your stress melts away, then this very well may be your perfect match.

High End Infinity Iyashi Features

In all seriousness, the Iyashi offers so much more than fun modern aesthetics. Customers with the highest standards and most extensive list of demands easily find it fits their needs every time.

The mid-priced top model weighs a substantial 275 pounds – among the highest weight of all 3d models – and allows a maximum individual user weight of 285 pounds as well. That’s the second best top model weight limit on the market at the moment.

There are 38 system-wide airbags, which seems a low count compared to similar models. However, the Iyashi makes up for that by providing the longest roller massage length available of any 3d massage chair on the market – 49”, which easily extends from the neck to below the knees. Comparable massage chairs offer a 31” roller track.

Add the lumbar heating option to your massage to relax your tightest lower back muscles. Mechanical foot rollers have become a highly sought after feature on the higher end massage chairs, and Iyashi comes through in that department as well.

Whether you have bunions and blisters, the onset of plantar fasciitis, or just plain worn out feet, all pain melts away with the rolling massage options.

Several massage techniques including knocking, tapping, kneading, shiatsu, intense Thai stretch, music sync, and combination mode. 6 auto programmed massages and countless manual options offer the massage of your life over and over again for 10, 20, or 30 minute durations.

2 anti-gravity recline modes reallign your spine to the proper position. Shoulder airbags pull your body back into the chair to correct posture and skeletal issues prevalent in sedentary lifestyles. And airbags in the seat slide hips back and forth, loosening the mid section and healing acute back pain.

It’s important to understand that, unlike comparable high end massage chairs, the Iyashi gives intense massages that can almost seem uncomfortable for some people. This is due to the combinations of air bag and roller massage techniques.

This chair is really intended for those who bottle a lot of stress and need deep, focused muscle work to release it and lead to better overall health.

Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair Benefits

Iyashi allows your senses to join in on the fun during your massage sessions. Utilizing chromotherapy techniques, lights are built directly into the chair. When the room lights are lowered, the machine supplies its own ambient glow that aids in relaxation.

Music synchronization mode encourages music therapy by synching the vibrations of the massage to the beat of your favorite tunes.

The built in music system ensures you never have to worry about a missed track while being completely pampered. Android and iOS apps allow you to run your chair directly through the bluetooth function of your smartphone.

The Infinity Iyashi offers the lowest energy and environmental impact of its contenders. At 240 watts of power used during operation mode, your dream massages won’t turn into nightmares when you see your electric bill.

The wattage is steady and stable, avoiding unnecessary power spikes while in use. This also helps emit very little background noise, so you can simply focus on the stress leaving your body, or fall asleep and wake up a completely new you. Your choice.

While it’s obvious the Iyashi offers incredible top-of-the-line benefits, one of the favorite for loyal fans is the space saving feature. Finding the space required to operate a 3d massage chair can be a challenge for some owners.

Even if you slide it into a corner, you have to pull it out in order to recline. With the Iyasha, that concern is addressed in the design. Even it you put the chair right up against the wall, the machine slides out 12 inches on its own before it reclines.

This saves about 2 feet of room space compared to other 3d models. And while 2 feet may not seem like a lot in print, it can significantly impact the room’s size or appearance in your home, as well as make you want to do a lot more with this massage chair than just place it in the corner.


So then, is the Infinity Iyashi the perfect chair for you? You have to decide that for yourself. But weighing the features and benefits against your lifestyle needs will help with that decision.

It’s essential to remember that this is not a gentle massage machine.

But if you need a powerful health aid with technological and sensory aids, a futuristic appearance, space saving ability, and durable construction that will last for years to come, chances are this is your dream machine.

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