Best Kick Scooters for Heavy Adults

Anyone who grew up around the ’90s will tell you the joy of riding a kick scooter. You can enjoy the scooter even as an adult with some super sleek models by GYMAX, Oppsdecor, LXLA, among others.

They are built to last and can easily carry a full-sized grownup. Super functional and super fun, adult scooters are here to stay. Here is a look of the top models from HomenSense for teens and heavy adults.

XOOTR Cruz Teen/Adult Kick Scooter

XOOTR cruz kick scooter for adults

A push scooter classic the XOOTER Cruz adult kick scooter has an equal parts old-school and chic. The innovative design Supports over 800 lbs.

The XOOTR Cruz has been designed by a team that normally designs race cars and you can see the results in this clean and sleek model.

The best part, this scooter comes with all replaceable parts, which means you can easily change worn-out equipment instead of buying a whole new scooter.

Pros of the XOOTR Cruz adult kick scooter

  • Smooth glide. The XOOTR is made with ultra-glide polyurethane tires that are sturdy and offer stability, all you need is a kick-off to send you gliding through the streets. 
  • Super-strong. The XOOTR was made for the adult user and can support up to 800lbs. The adjustable handle allows it to modify according to your height. 
  • Flexibility. The skateboard-like dash allows the scooter to have better flexibility than most scooters on the market. You can easily navigate bumps and curves and enjoy smooth sailing.

Con’s of the XOOTR Cruz.

  • The handle bars are secured using a latch system to allow user to fold the scooter quickly. Regular wear and tear it to become loose over time but with some easy maintenance, this can be a great investment. 

OppsDecor Adult Scooter


oppsdecor adults scooter for heavy adults

The scooter with a personality. The OppsDecor Adult scooter has bigger wheels making it easy to have a fast glide. The chic colors make it stand out from the rest. It makes for a perfect gift for your teens or a fun adult who loves all things dork.Pro’s of the OppsDecor Adult Scooter

  • Bigger wheels make for a bigger ride. The scooter can carry anyone from a 4-foot kid to a 6-foot adult.
  • Chic colors. If you are looking for a scooter with a little more personality, the OppsDecor is for you. The teal blue scooter is modern and very trendy. Glide around your campus to look like a super stylish millennial.
  • Easy to use and super lightweight, the OppsDecor scooter is made from high-quality aluminum alloy and plastic. It is also effortless to fold, and you can carry it around in a backpack or put it in your trunk.

Con’s of the OppsDecor

· The big wheels may make it difficult for children to use as it needs more space to make turns and glides faster than most scooters.

  • The big wheels on this scooter make it perfect for heavier riders and offer more stability. 

LXLA – Folding Adult Kick Scooter


Lxla folding kick scooter for heavy adults

The LYLA folding adult kick scooter is designed for efficiency, smoother rides, and much fun. It has been manufactured for the urban user and can easily navigate the city roads and lanes.

Once you master its disc brakes and high-speed gliding, you will be hooked. Reduce your carbon footprint with this eco-friendly scooter while also enjoying the wind in your hair.

The pro’s of LXLA folding adult kick scooter

  • The scooter can easily glide on asphalt road, cement road, square, pebble road, and even glass.
  • LXYA scooter is designed with front and rear suspension that reduces the vibrations that come through the handlebars. The disc handle brake provides additional security during emergencies.
  • Eco-friendly and affordable material. The scooter is mostly made from high-quality aluminum, making it a sturdy model. 

Con’s of the LXLA adult scooter.

· The scooter is available in various colors on Amazon and is a tad bit expensive than it’s counterparts.

  • Eco-friendly material makes this scooter a good investment. 

Goplus Foldable Scooter for Teens and Adults


Goplus foldable scooter for adults

The Goplus foldable scooter is not your average ride, it is smart and super stylish. The adjustable handles make it ideal for kids and adults. It is a fun gift for everyone in the family, zoom around the park with your kids, or challenge your friends to a race.Pro’s of the Goplus scooter for adults.

  • Smart braking mechanism. When you pull the brake lever on the handlebars, it engages the rear disc brake. It is a regenerative braking system that allows for smooth and safe rides.
  • The unique rubber handle is anti-skid and wear-resistant. 
  • The tires are equipped with high-quality rubber and aluminum alloy rims that are anti-skid, making it safer than most models. 

 Cons of the Goplus scooter for adults.

  • The scooter needs to be assembled at home after delivery and may take some trial and error to get right. Although the instructions are easy to follow, new users may have a little difficulty in the first trial.
  • Specially designed for chic students it is the ideal transport for campus life. 

The GYMAX Kick Scooter

Max Load Capacity 220lbs

The Gymax kick scooter for heavy adults

Made with super-strong aircraft-grade aluminum, the GYMAX kick scooter is stylish and surprisingly affordable. The aluminum body comes in two classic shades, black and white.

The design is perfected with rubber tires and handlebar, ensuring a super fun ride. You can easily fold the lightweight GYMAX and carry it with you. No more pesky parking tickets!

Pros of the GYMAX kick scooter.

  • The aircraft-grade aluminum makes the GYMAX is a super strong model. It can easily carry a weight of 200lbs, and that is why it is the scooter built for adults.
  • The GYMAX is designed to look sleek to match modern aesthetics. Glide into your gym or take a ride around the block, people will be asking you about it.
  • It has a dual brake mechanism in place to make it safer for faster rides and be activated either by foot or by applying the hand brake.


  • The electric scooter may be difficult to master for some and cause falls if not careful.
  • The GYMAX, although a durable brake, may break if subjected to heavy use. It is a recreational scooter made for fun rides and short distances. Ideally, for campus life.
  • The classic black and white models make the GYMAX kick scooter a stylish purchase. 

There are some genuinely great designs in the market that are perfect for new riders and heavy adults.The XOOTR Cruz adult scooter is a super-strong and can take up to 800lbs. The design is very classy and a great scooter for teens and heavy adults.

The GYMAX kick scooter is a good bargain purchase and ideal as a gift for kids and teens.

While the GOplus makes for a great transport alternative. To conclude we could say that the scooter market is trending right now with some great new designs. Selecting a scooter depends on how and where you plan to use it.

Enjoy the glide, and be safe!

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