Phd Status Meaning Western Union

More than a billion transfers are made through Western Union on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. People from different parts of the world send money in the form of financial support, investments, ecommerce, and salaries through Western union money transfer service.

phd status meaning in western union

There is a process layout through which each payment has to go through and the receiver is able to pick it up. In this article we will discuss what payment status means and what a specific status indicates. Moreover we will discuss in detail about the payment on hold status (Phd) that why this shows up and what a receiver can do in such a scenario.

What is Payment Status in Western Union?

Transferring and receiving payments from Western Union is not a bed of roses and can be struggling if proper guidelines are not followed and as a result the transactions can be delayed, or even get restricted such as change in payment status. The problems can be caused by both the sender’s or receiver’s end.

Payment Status basically indicates where the payment is in the overall workflow. Different amounts are sent and received by customers across the globe and the statuses keep changing as they go through a process. Available to pick up, Identification needed, In Progress, Refunded.. All these are the statuses which are commonly seen by the senders or receivers as they wait for a payment to be sent or received.

Phd Status Meaning in Western Union

Payment on Hold (Phd) means that due to some issues from the receiver’s end the payment has been put on hold as he/she has provided false information or has entered wrong payment details. Hence, till further confirmation of details the payment will remain in Phd status.

Why the Transfer is put on Phd Status

Normally, the payment is at first available and when the receiver visits any nearby Western Union’s agency or some store where Western Union’s services are provided, there is some information required before which enables him to collect the money. The information includes the amount details, sender’s name and from which country the transfer has been made etc. Unfortunately, when the receiver provides wrong information or enters wrong information in the Kiosk machine then the payment is stuck and gets a Phd status for security purposes.

How to Make Transfer Available

In Order to make the payment available again, firstly, the receiver has to make sure that he is entering the accurate information, still if he faces this issue he needs to confirm the information from the sender after that he needs to contact the concerned authorities which most probably would be the customer support.

The customer support then ensures that the correct required details from the receiver has been collected successfully and will process to make the payment available again and can be collected. In order to know the payment status, one can either call the customer support or visit Western Union’s website and track their transfers by entering MTCN.

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