Western Union W/C Pay Status Meaning

Western Union can be somewhat confusing for first time customers. Their systems are designed to report and deliver transfers, which can sometimes be a little hard to understand. 

Western Union tracking system has many terms that can be used to describe the current status of a money transfer. One of the Pay Status is W/C. In this article, we will discuss what it really says about your transfer. 

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w/c status western union

What Does W/C Status Mean

W/C Pay Status in Western Union means that the transfer is ready to be picked up by the receiver. The receiver can bring a valid ID at any Western Union store setup location, and can pick up the funds. 

Where Can You Check the Status of Transfer

Western Union transfers can be traced online by using Western Union mtcn tracking system. You can get the status of the transfers either by putting in the MTCN of the transfer.

If you do not have the MTCN. You can also use the tool to search for a transfer with the sender and receiver name along with the date of the transfer. 

If you are using Western Union’s mobile app or the website. You can simply login to your account. Click on Menu and then go to History. You should be able to see all past transfers made in your account. Click the relevant transfer and you should be able to see the current status of the transfer. 

What if You can Still Can’t Pick Up Money at W/C Status

Just because a transfer is in W/C status does not mean that you may not encounter any issues picking it up. There could be a lot that can go wrong with a transfer. There could be some issues at the store, or the information the sender put in the transfer which may prevent your picking up the transfer even when it says it is available. 

So what are you supposed to do if you can’t pick up an available money transfer that is in W/C Status. 

Get the Error Code

Every problem with the money transfer is documented through an error code. If you are having issues picking up a W/C transfer. You first need to ask the agent at the store about the error code that shows up on the screen. 

Contact Western Union Support 

Once you have the error code. You need to contact the Western Union support to decode the error code. You can also check this list of 20+ Western Union commonly occurring error codes. It is important that you call support from the support, so they can get additional information needed from the store agent. 

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