TXN Paid only in Payout Area Indicated by Sender Error

Receiving money with Western Union can be challenging sometimes. With so many protocols and security regulations a transfer has to go through, you might find yourself stuck at a Western Union store trying to get your money.

Many times the store agents will only tell you error codes that are only meant for customer support, and don’t provide a valid reason for why you are not able to receive the funds

One of the more common receiving errors at Western Union is “TXN paid only in payout area indicated by sender”.

txn paid only in payout area

But what does it really mean? And how can you fix it?

What does TXN mean while Receiving Money 

In the Western Union ecosystem the term TXN is a short form of transaction. TXN is just a fancy way of saying money transfer. Each money transfer sent from a sender to a receiver counts as a single transaction.

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Why is “Txn paid only in payout area indicated by sender” showing up

When sending funds through Western Union. A sender provides the name and the location of the receiver. These 2 are the most crucial details that make a lot of stops transferring from payout if put wrong.

Whichever location the sender chooses to send the funds. The money transfer would only be available in that particular state.

The Money Transfer is not Meant to Available at your Location

Txn paid only in the payout area indicated by the sender means that the money transfer was sent to a different location by the sender. 

Depending on the country the money transfer was sent to. Location can either mean State, City or even a particular store.

In the US, you only need to be in the specified State that was put in the transfer, and the funds are available in all Western Union stores throughout that state.

 For many other countries, things are a little different. For example, if you are sending a money transfer to India. The receiver can pick it up anywhere from India.

For Mexico, you need to specify the State, City and the chain of stores in that city where the transfer is supposed to be picked up.

To get the transfer available in your location. You have to get in contact with the sender and ask him to change the location of pick up.

How do you change Pick up Location

If you face this error while receiving money. You can ask first to confirm the correct location of the money transfer by getting in contact with support. If the money transfer is indeed going to a different place. 

You can ask the sender to request a Location change on the transfer. Here is a detailed guide on pickup location change for a money transfer.

How Soon is the Transfer Available after Changes are Made

Once the correct pickup location has been updated in the transfer. You should not receive the error anymore. Typically the changes requested take only a few moments to process, and the transfer should be updated right away.

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