How ID Verification Works

Western Union’s money transfer ecosystem heavily depends on the validation of Id to regulate and secure the money transfers. 

You will need a valid ID to send and receive the funds at Western Union. However, there can be situations when they might ask you for further information regarding the transfer. 

To send and verify these details, Western Union has dedicated for customers to submit their ID.

Why Does Western Union Need ID Verification

If your money transfer is pending review and requires further ID verification. You will never hear the exact reasons why Western Union is asking you for additional ID since according to their TOS this information is confidential. 

But here are some of the reasons it becomes essential for remittance companies to collect ID information.

To Stop Scams

Believe it or not, Western Union money transfers are a great way for scammers to scam people. Scammers cannot use traditional banking systems for scammed money. Instead they use easier ways to collect scammed funds that are hard to trace.

Western Union needs ID information to stop previously reported scammers using the system again. This not only helps them keep the scammers away, but also helps law enforcement trace the scam if it is reported.

Other Ways of of Verifying ID

For digital transfer, you will most likely get an email asking for additional information for the transfer. You should be able to see an option to upload your ID on the mobile app or on the app. 

However, if you made a retail transfer. The only way to submit the ID is sending an email to

To check if any additional information is required on your transfer. You can use Western Union’s MTCN tracking system to check if the transfer is pending any review. 

You can also get in touch with Western Union’s customers to check if any additional information is required.

Whose ID is Required

Depending on the transfer, either the receiver or the sender’s ID can be required. In most cases, Western Union will reach out to the relevant people either on email or phone to let them know additional information is required.

What if you don’t submit the ID?

Failure to comply with Western Union’s ID requirements can lead to a refund of the money transfer. In any case, getting a refund would still require you to display your ID at the store. 

Without it, you will not be able to get any funds.

The Correct Way to Send ID at

When sending ID to Western Union make sure to include the following information in the email.

  1. Both Sides of your Valid government issued ID
  2. Your Full name registered on the account.
  3. The email address associated with the account
  4. The MTCN of the transfer which is in review

Processing TImes 

ID’s submitted to Western Union can take up to 24 hrs to be processed. If the ID is non-English it might take additional time translate the ID and process it.

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