Western Union Error Code C9990 – Solved

When using Western Union you might end up getting some error codes that don’t make much sense. The app is designed to give you a brief description of what went wrong, but you need to dig deeper to make it right.

Usually this involves getting in touch with customer support. 

The Error Code C9990, is one of the many technical error codes you might get on your screen. Let’s see what it means and recommend troubleshoots so you can complete the transfer.

western union error code c9990

What Does Error Code C9990 Mean?

Description: We were unable to process your transfer due to a technical error. Please try again later.

What does C9990 Error Code mean?

The error code C9990 indicates that there is a problem connecting with Western Union servers. This type of issue is typically resolved within a few minutes. However, if you still face the issue after some time. Here are a few troubleshoots you can try:

Mobile App Users:

If you are getting this error on the mobile app. Delete the application and reinstall the current version of the app. 

Website Users:

If you are using the Western Union website

  1. Try to log out and log back in to the account.
  2. Try Using a different browser
  3. Clear the cache and cookies of your browser.

Escalate the Error the WebCare Team:

For any issues related to the website or the mobile app. You can reach out to Western Union’s web care team at webcare@westernunion.com.

The team maintains the app and website. Take a screenshot of the error screen and send it to the webcare team along with your name and email address.

The team would reach back to you with an update on the error within 2-3 business days.

Alternative Options:

Many users use Western Union to send funds on an urgent basis, and when a technical issue is taking too long to resolve. You might not have the time to report it to the relevant teams and wait for it to be fixed.

If you are facing this error code and would like to send funds right away. You can try the following alternative options to send money:

TMT Transfers

You can make a Telephone money transfer by calling  1800 325 6000 (US helpline). The automated system will be able to create a transfer on the phone using your credit or debit card. The money should be available right away depending on the nature of the transfer.

Retail Transfers 

Since the Error Code C9990 relates to a technical difficulty on the website or the app. You can complete your transfer by going to a Western Union store and pay in cash. To make the transfer available right away, use the Money in Minutes transfer. 

More Western Union Error Code

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