List of Western Union Error Codes [20 Codes]

When making Western Union transfers you might end up getting errors codes. These Western Union error codes indicate what might be possibly wrong with a transaction and sometimes hold the solution to get over it.

You can get a Western Union error throughout all platforms of Western Union i.e on the mobile app, while receiving or sending funds at the store or while doing a TMT transfer.

Error codes are to be translated by the customer support of Western Union, because this data is only available to them.

western union list of error codes

In this post we contacted Western Union’s customer support to decode some of the most common error codes Western Union customers get and what their code actually means.

Note: The description and resolution provided for each error code is generic. If you want to know more about your personal account history and standing with Western Union you should get in touch with the customer support.

How to Request Unban of Account with Western Union

If you receive any of the below error code which indicate your Western Union account is blocked. You can apply for a re-evaluation of the ban which can help you re-instate the acount.

The read the complete steps for applying re-evaluation read this article.

Western Union Error Codes – Codes with R

CodeDescriptionRestriction TypeRe-evaluation
R7009,R7008Account blocked due to compliance reasonsAccountYes
R1136, R8464, R1340 and R1040 Transaction blocked due to compliance reasons TransactionNo
R9860 Digital Transfer Declined. Pay at storeTransactionNo

Western Union compliance error codes always start with the letter R. These codes indicate that you are somehow restricted on sending or receiving a money transfer. These restrictions are put on by the Compliance team.

According to Western Union, the compliance team is responsible for making sure every transaction going through their system does not violate any financial regulatory laws.

The compliance department is a Tier 2 team. Which means, if you ask to speak with someone in compliance to dig deeper why you are banned. Your call will not be able to get transferred. 

Note: Western Union is very secretive about its compliance department. If you face restrictions from this department. Even the customer support agent will not be able to tell you the exact reason for the ban. Simply because they don’t have it.

Restriction Type: 

Depending on the error code you get. The restriction could be of two types. The first one states that a specific transfer is not able to be accepted by Western Union. This ban only applies to the specific transfer. The second restriction can be placed on an entire account, which means any transfers you make will be blocked for compliance reasons.


For all major bans, Western Union will not share the reason for the ban. However, they will provide you an option to re-evaluate this decision. The re-evaluation does not mean the decision will be changed. It only means the compliance team will review their decision of banning you. 

You can apply for a re-evaluation by sending an email to the compliance department at

When sending an email include your full name, email address, any recent MTCN and the error code that appeared.

The exact ratio of people that were able to regain access to services by re-evaluation is unknown. Also, it can take 20-30 business days for them to go through your request.

Western Union Error Code R7008 and R7009

Description: “Western Union was unable to approve your money transfer due to some compliance and regulatory reasons. To use services again you would have to go through a re-evaluation”.

Restriction Type: Account

Re-evaluation Required: Yes

Explanation: R7008 and R7009 are both the most common occurring compliance error codes that indicate you are banned from sending or receiving funds at Western Union. Western Union will not be able to tell you the exact reason why they have banned you.

If you persist in using these services and to get a solution to this ban. You can go ahead and apply for a re-evaluation of this decision. 

When sending a re-evaluation request. Do not get your hopes sky high. This request does not mean that Western Union will unblock you from the system. It simply states that they will review their decision.

The usual processing times for such requests are 20-30 business days.

Error Codes R1136, R8464, R1340 and R1040

Description: Western Union is unable to approve this money transfer due to their corporate policies. 

All of these error codes indicate that the specific money transfer was not able to go through due to compliance reasons . Again, Western Union will not give you a specific reason as to why the transfer triggered this error code.

These error codes do not indicate that your account has been banned from making transfers, only the specific transfer.

Restriction Type: Transaction

Re-evaluation: No

Western Union Error Code R9860

Description: Your digital money transfer was declined due to some corporate policies. You can try making the transfer at the store.

Solution: This error is received when digital transfers are not approved by the DRT team at Western Union. The DRT department approves all digital money transfers before making them available. The exact reason 

This error means that your money transfer would automatically be refunded to your payment method. 

You can still try to make the transfer in a retail store in cash.

Error Codes Starting with C

CodeDescriptionRestriction TypeRe-evaluation
C2201Transfer Exceeds limit Try a Smaller AmountAccountNo
C7046, C1775 and C2202 Transfer could not be processed due to technical issueNoneNone
C2063 Transaction cannot be paid outside sender indicated area. None None
C8618 Transfer Exceeds the sending limit for last 30 days.AccountNone
C7788 and C1992 Transfer is blocked due to compliance and regulatory reasons.TransferNo
C2008 Account is blocked due to compliance and regulatory reasons. Account Yes
C9999 Technical issue with server connectivity. Try Troubleshoot.NoneNone
C1309Recipient bank details are incorrect.NoneNone

Western Union Error Code C2201

Description: The transfer exceeds the specified limit. To try sending again with a lower amount. 

Solution: The description gives you a brief overview of what’s wrong with the transfer. According to the customer support, the first troubleshoot is to try with a lower amount – as it suggests in the error message.

Once again Western Union does provide much insight on what kind of limit this error is referring to. It could be your sending limit or the receiver’s receiving limit. 

If you keep receiving this error even after you have tried lowering the amount. 

You can ask for a 50% discount code on transaction fee for your next transfer. This is Western Union’s way of making up for any inconvenience caused by digital transfers. 

Western Union Error Code C7046, C1775 and C2202

Description: Your transfer could not be processed due to a technical issue. Please try again later.

This error code usually comes on the mobile app when there is some sort of technical issue. If you are getting this error code. Here are a few troubleshooting steps Western Union recommends:

Reinstall app/ Clear browser cache

If you are using Western Union mobile app. Try reinstalling the app and see if it fixes the issue. If you are using Western Union’s website try to clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

Escalate the issue to Webcare team

If you still face technical difficulties using the website or the mobile app. You can take a screenshot of the error and send it to . This is the team that maintains Western Union’s website and mobile app. 

When you report the issue, do mention that you have already tried the basic troubleshooting steps and they did not work. The regular SLA for the webcare team to get back to you is 2 business days.

Western Union Error Code C2063

Description: Transaction can not be paid out outside of the area indicated by the sender. 

Solution: If you receive this error code while picking up a money transfer. It means that your sender has sent the money transfer to a different location. Depending on the country you are trying to receive the money. You need to make sure the exact location the transfer has been sent to. 

If you believe this was not supposed to go to a different location. Ask the sender to request Location changes to the transfer. To learn more about how to fix this issue. Read this article or how to change the location of a money transfer.

Error Code C8618

Description: We are unable to approve your money transferred because it exceeds the sending limit. 

Solution: The error comes up when the sender has exceeded his sending limit in the last 30 days. The sending limit depends on many factors including where you are sending, the receiver and the payment method used.

The sending and receiving limits in Western Union apply to the last 30 days not on a monthly basis. To know more about the types of Western Union Limits read this article.

The possible workaround for this error is to wait until the limit gets reset, and you should be able to send the funds once again.

Error Code C7788 and C1992

Description: Western Union is unable to approve the money transfer due to compliance and regulatory reasons. 

Restriction Type: Transaction

Re-evaluation: No

Error Code C2008 

Description: Western Union is unable to approve the transfer due to compliance and regulatory reasons. To go forward with the transfer. You need to apply for a re-evaluation. The re-evaluation does not mean that the decision will be reverted, only that it would be reviewed.

Restriction Type: Transaction

Re-evaluation: Yes. Check how to Re-evaluate.

Error Code C1309

Description: Western Union is unable to approve the money transfer due to incorrect recipient details.  

Solution: The error comes up when sending a money transfer to a bank account using the mobile app or the website. It indicates that the recipient bank information is incorrect. Depending on the country the bank is located in.

You might have to prove details such as a Swift Code or an IBAN. Try to reconfirm all details from the receiver and make the transfer once again. 

Error Code C9999

Description: A technical issue indicating connectivity issue with the servers.

Solution: Wait for a while to see if the problem resolves. If the problem still persists, perform the basic troubleshoot steps.

Error Codes Starting with U

U1503The Transaction cannot be paid outside area indicated by sender
U2224The transfer requires additional information by sender.

Error Code U1503

Description: The transaction cannot be paid outside the area indicated by the sender.

Solution: You are trying to pick up a money transfer at the wrong location. This could mean that the transfer was sent to a different Country, State, City or Store. 

Confirm the correct location of the transfer from the sender, and have it corrected if it was sent to the wrong location by mistake. 

Error Code U2224

Description: The transaction is in review.

Solution: The error code indicates that the transfer is pending review from Western Union and there is some additional information required. 

The additional information required can depend on the department where the transfer is pending. Ask your sender to get in touch with Western Union and they will be able to guide the sender on the information needed. 

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