When to contact webcare@westernunion.com?

Western Union is a mammoth of a company with over half a million stores all over the world. To ensure millions of dollars of transfers go through the way they’re supposed to. 

The company is divided into a set of teams that ensure smooth delivery of transfers. One such team is the webcare team at Western Union.

In this article, we will discuss what the webcare team is all about and when you should get in touch with them in case you are having issues with your transfer.


What is webcare@westernunion.com ?

Webcare@westernunion.com is the technical team behind Western Union’s online services. They are the ones responsible for making sure all digital platforms such as the website and the mobile app keep up and running without any delay.

When should you contact the webcare team

If you are having any trouble using Western Union’s app or the website. You can get in touch with the webcare team to assist you.

The team should generally be reached out if you are facing any technical issue on the website/app. 

All technical issues on digital platforms will be indicated with an error code on the screen. The codes will indicate if the issue you are facing is of a technical nature. To read a comprehensive list of error codes and what they mean. Read this article

Basic Troubleshoot before sending the email

Before getting in touch with the webcare team for any technical issue. Here are a few of the troubleshoots you can try to resolve the issue quicker.

Clear Cache and Cookies:

If you are using Western Union’s website. Try to use a different browser after clearing the cache and cookies for the browser. After clearing the cache and cookies, try attempting the transfer one more time. 

Reinstall the App: 

If you are trying to make a transfer of the mobile app. Re-install a fresh version of the app from the IOS or the Google Play Store. 

How to Send an Email to Webcare@westernunion.com

If you have followed all the basic troubleshooting steps, the error still persists. You can go ahead and send an email to webcare@westernunion.com.

Here the details you need to include in the email:

  1. A screenshot of the error that appears on screen
  2. You Full name
  3. Your email address associated with the account

Waiting Times

The webcare team will take 2-3 business days to respond to your request. You will be provided with an automatically generated case number that you can use to get updates on your case. 

50% Discount on Future Fees:

For most technical issues that come up. Western Union will be able to compensate you for the inconvenience by giving a 50% discount on future transaction fee. 

To check your eligibility for the discount. You can get in touch with Western Union customer support and share the error code that appeared on screen. 

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