Western Union Transaction Could not be Completed [Explained]

Western Union has been a helping hand for people living away from their families in a different part of the world. The money transfer service provider operates in more than 200 countries, in different time zones and helps many clients to send or receive funds.

western union transaction could not be completed error

Unfortunately, many of its customers across the globe struggle to make a successful transaction as the transfer gets declined due to some reasons as per the company’s regulatory guideline or internal policies. Customers get messages such as Western Union Transaction could not be completed using this payment method.

In this article we will try to explain the reasons due to which Western Union declines online funds transfers and how to overcome this issue in order to make a successful fund transfer.

Western Union Transaction Could not be Completed Error:

Many Western Union customers face problems which indicate that they have failed to transfer funds or their transaction could not be completed. Funds transfers can be blocked, declined or delayed for several reasons like, exceeding transfer limits, unable to meet the identification requirements, non-availability of currency and other such regulatory issues.

However, for certain transfers you might receive an error message saying Transaction could not be completed using the payment method, try sending the transfer at the store.

In such cases, your online money transfer on the website or the mobile app is being declined, however, you can still make the transfers in-person by visiting the store.

Why Western Union block online transfers?

When Western Union blocks the transfer, it is quite frustrating for customers as they remain unaware of why the transfer has been blocked. The transfers are blocked due to a variety of reasons such as exceeding online transfer limits or compliance related issues. The issues can be in both cases, whether the person tries to make a transaction through a mobile application or through an online website.

Online Transfer Limit Reached

Western Union also has a transfer limit. While transferring funds to different parts of the world the sender needs to know that there is a certain amount which could be transferred through an individual account. These transfer limits vary from country to country, receiver’s history, payment method and sender’s history of transactions.

Compliance Reasons

The transfers are also declined as Western Union is unable to confirm the sender’s identity or the sender is unable to provide the required information. Western Union is required to comply with regulatory standards and the company’s internal policies which in case are not met therefore the money transfer can never be processed, hence will be declined.

First thing after the decline will be that the customers will most probably try to get in touch with the customer care or the concerned authorities. Unfortunately, the western Union’s compliance is not allowed to share the exact reason as per the company’s policy.

How to Fix the Transfer Declined by Western Union?

If a person struggles to transfer money through western Union’s mobile application or through the website, he can try sending cash in person through any Western Union’s agency or any store which provides money transfer services powered by Western Union in his nearest vicinity.

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