Why Does MoneyGram Blocks Transactions?

MoneyGram is a fund transfer service provider and has been in the business for almost 50 years. It allows its customers to transfer funds internationally by visiting any of the agent locations or online through a website or app. Unfortunately, if any of its customers violates the company’s laws then he will be blocked.

moneygram blocked transaction

In this article we will discuss why MoneyGram blocks its customers and for how long it take to get unblocked.

Why did MoneyGram block your transaction?

It is mentioned in MoneyGram’s terms and conditions that it can refuse to provide its services to anyone at any time. MoneyGram can block the transactions or cancel the transfer requests for reasons such as suspected fraudulent activity, misuse of service by both sender or receiver, invalid credentials or information etc.

MoneyGram also checks for an individual’s past record and if someone has been arrested for any fraudulent activity in the past ten years then he will be blocked.

Following are a few reasons, for which your transactions are blocked.

You are exceeding the transfer limit

Exceeding transfer limit can be a reason that restricts or blocks you such that you will not be able to make another transaction. Many money transfer service providers have a specific amount that can be sent in a certain time period. 

MoneyGram also has a transfer limit of $10,000 per transaction and a limit of $10,000 on a monthly basis. If you wish to send an amount greater than 10k then you can do it by visiting any of the agent location in your vicinity.

They could believe your transfer was involved in fraud

MoneyGram has a fraud analysis system which always looks out for certain patterns and combinations that how the transactions have been carried out.

If this Fraud analysis system detects any unusual activity in your transaction, then there is a possibility, they ask you some additional questions regarding your identity or the transaction you are trying to make. If still there is something unusual then it may hold your transaction and block you for a certain period of time.

Speak with customer support

If you face such problems and struggle to make a smooth transaction then you can contact the MoneyGram customer support or risk management team that is available round the clock.

If there is an issue related to your transaction and you are blocked then they will most likely contact you for further authentication or if you are facing any issue you can get in touch with them.

How long does MoneyGram ban you?

Any of the Fund transfer service providers does not tolerate if their rules and regulations are violated and same is the case with MoneyGram. The service provider may block you temporarily if it detects that there is something fishy and your transactions are involved in some kind of fraud.

The blocking may be for a few days and can last for a longer period of time depending upon the reasons and severity of the case.

Additionally, MoneyGram investigates all the transactions very deeply and takes measures to safeguard the hard-earned money of its customers.

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