Western Union Postal Code Format Error

Western Union is the most commonly used money transfer service and has been facilitating its customers and ensuring that they send and receive money easily and most efficiently. However, there are times when some customers have to face different issues or errors that delay or decline their transactions.

Western Union POstal code format

In this article we will talk about postal code errors and what can be done in case one gets this error.

The Western Union Postal Code Format Error

Many of the Western Union customers make transactions and it might happen that they get a postal code error that indicates that either they have entered an invalid zip code or the zip code is valid for some other country.

While transferring funds using Western Union there could be some issues or errors due to which the transfers get delayed, declined and in some cases the account gets banned temporarily or permanently.

People transfer funds on a regular basis and many customers face these kinds of issues once in their lifetime but the person who is making the transaction should always double check the information that he is providing in order to make a smooth transfer.

Possible troubleshoot

If you are facing this type of issue there are a few steps that might help you in resolving this issue.

Confirm if the Zip is Correct

The first thing that can be done if you are trying to make a transaction is that you should provide the most accurate information, especially the zip code. The zip code should be double checked and should be confirmed as it shows your location.

Check your Account Country

While signing up for Western Union online through their website or mobile application you should always make sure that you have selected the right country in your profile. The zip code problem may show up if a person is entering a zip code from the US but has selected some other country where that zip code does not apply, therefore he has to face this error and is unable to make transactions.

Re-Install the App or Clear Cache

If you have tried all of the suggestions mentioned above and are still facing the same issue then you should try to re-install the Western Union application or should clear the browser history, cache and cookies to see if that fixes the issue. Deleting the cache usually helps to troubleshoot; it also adds to the loading time of web pages and also improves the device performance.

Issue Still Persists?

If you are still getting the same error and cannot make a transaction then the last thing which you can do is to get in touch with the Western Union customer support by sending the screenshot of the issue at webcare@westernunion.com. You should also mention your name, email and the troubleshooting steps which have been taken. The issue will be reviewed by the concerned departments and they will respond within 48 hours.

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