Why Does Western Union ask for Your Address

When you send a money transfer through Western Union. You will be required to share a long list of personal details before the transfer can go through the system. 

These can be basic details like your name. However, in some cases Western Union can require additional information on the transfer like your ID and the reason for transferring funds.

why does western union ask for your address

But why does Western Union ask for your address? Is it safe to share your address with them, and what purpose do they use it for?

Why Does Western Union Ask for Your Address

When sending a transfer, Western Union takes address details from all customers. These details are kept for the following scenarios:

For Mail Refunds

Let’s imagine a scenario where your receiver was not able to pick up the funds. Now you demand a refund on the transfer. 

However, for some reason, you have lost your ID and you are not able to collect the refund at the store. Your ID is an integral part of proving your identity to claim the funds. If you don’t have a valid ID that matches the name of the person supposed to receive the person. The store won’t pay you.

In this scenario, Western Union offers a mail refund. They will send a check in mail to your registered address so that you can cash without any ID. This is why it is important to always update your Western Union profile to the latest. 

If you don’t have your ID to claim the refund and your profile has an outdated address.You can request Western Union to send a check at the address. However, this will require further address verification from Western Union. 

The updation of address requires that you provide proof of residence for the previous address in the form of utility bills or lease agreements. 

For Paper Receipts

For all TMT (Telephone Money Transfers) Western Union will send you an immediate receipt on your email. However, if you are familiar with email. 

Western Union will be able to send you a paper receipt of the transfer by mail.  The receipt has all critical information regarding the transfer including the MTCN .

In case you need assistance for your transfer in the future. You can safe keep the receipt for your reference. 

For Information about Transfers

If your money transfer is not picked up by the receiver. Western Union will send you alerts by mail that your transfer is still available to be picked up. 

These notifications can help you remember forgotten transfers that might end up being with Western Union forever until they are picked up for refunded. 

Does the address need to be the same as your ID?

No, your ID does not need to match the address you have on your profile. Western Union understands it is possible for ID’s to reflect outdated addresses. 

Which is why the company recommends updating your profile with the most recent information so you don’t miss any critical details about your transfers. 

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