Why Western Union Cancelled/Refunded My Transaction

Most people use Western Union for emergency transfers across the World. If you are living far away from your family in another country or state. Western Union can be a way to send funds quickly to your loved ones. 

However, it can be extremely frustrating when you go to the store and follow the procedure just to figure out Western Union had canceled or refunded your transfer due to unknown reasons. 

why Western Union cancelled my transaction

When this happens, in most cases the sender is not even aware that the transfer was refunded. They only get to know about it once they get in contact with Western Union which is a pain.

Today, we will share some of the most common reasons why Western Union transfers are canceled or refunded. 

Why Western Union Union Canceled/Refunded My Transaction

To be honest, there can be a lot that varies depending on the particular transfer, and the reason for cancellations can vary as well. 

Here are some of the most common reasons Western Union cancels your transfers. 

The Transfer Needed Additional Information

Most customers believe they don’t have to submit extra information once they walk out of the store with their transfer receipt. However, this is not the case. Western Union can require additional information on a transfer and put the transfer on hold, until this information is provided. 

The information can vary from valid government ID’s to even some questions about the receiver. 

Depending on what kind of information is pending. Western Union will keep the transfer on hold for certain days, and if the information is submitted they would automatically cancel/refund the transfer. 

You Might be Blocked

If your transfers are constantly getting rejected and refunded. There’s a good chance you are blocked from sending money from Western Union. 

Western Union does this to many customers who they believe are not complying to their financial laws and their TOS. 

If you are blocked from sending funds. You will most likely receive an error code that starts with an R. You can read more about Western Union blocking people from sending money and what you do about it

The Digital Transfer was Declined

If you were making a transfer on the website or the app, and your transfer was automatically canceled. Chances are your specific money transfer was declined by the DRT team at Western Union. 

This is the department that regulates and maintains digital transfers before making them available. In case the transfer is declined by DRT, you should still be able to make a transfer at the Western Union location. 

Get In Touch with Western Union Support

As mentioned before, it is really hard to judge why a transfer is being canceled or refunded by Western Union without looking at the MTCN. Each transfer is different and depending on the amount and the destination of the transfer. 

Different laws and regulations can apply to it. To get a better understanding of why Western Union is canceling your transfer. You should contact Western Union support.

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