[Solved] C8023 Western Union Error Code

World is a global village as people are linked with each other through technology. A large amount of remittances are circulating around the globe and this is where Western Union Kicks in. The company has made it possible for its customers to transfer money to their business partners, employees and even their loved ones.

Unfortunately, several customers throughout the globe have faced problems related to error codes while sending or receiving amounts. Each error code has its own meaning and effect.

western union error code c8023

In this article you will know about the error code (C8023). What does this specific error code mean? And what can you do about it.

What is a Western Union Error Code?

Error Codes are basically generic numbers or you can say a series of numbers and each number is unique in its meanings and effects. The numbers cannot be understood by general public and are only decoded by the customer support team who are able to tell what a specific error code means and why it has been generated.

What does the error code C8023 mean?

Each code has a specific meaning and comes with an effect, some codes can delay the transfers or transactions and others can mean a permanent ban for future transfers.

In case of Code C8023, the code indicates that your account and all future transfers are banned by Western Union due to some compliance and regulatory violations.

There could be a lot of factors that play into account bans, a few of them are can include insufficient information, unable to meet the identification requirements, scamming or involvement in other such activities etc. However, Western Union will not share the exact reason for ban.

Is your Account Banned?

When the error code C8023 generates it means that the account has been blocked/banned and the person will not be able to use Western Union’s money transfer service as long as the company itself doesn’t take off the restriction. In short, the person is on their banned accounts list and will never be able to make international transfers.

Can you apply for a Re-evaluation?

Yes, the person who gets the error code C8023 can apply for a re-evaluation as the account has been banned and the transactions have been restricted. Like in some other cases the account doesn’t get banned and for the time being transactions are halted or delayed or like in case of exceeding transfer amount limit the person can send a lesser amount or has to wait for 30 days.

But when error code C8023 is generated the account entirely gets banned and after applying for the re-evaluation one has to wait for the authorized people to respond.

Why was the transfer blocked?

Funds transfers or dealing with companies who operate internationally could be a hassle sometimes and the transactions can be blocked, declined or in worst cases the person gets banned for a lifetime. The bad thing is that Western Union has a policy that they are not allowed to share that why the transfer was block as per the company’s policy/law.

Note: While making international transactions or transferring amount internationally one should go through the guidelines and one should know that what measures could be taken to avoid uncertainty.

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