[Solved] M1028 Western Union Error Code

Western Union is making life easier for many when it comes to money transfer. Millions of its customers transfer funds to different parts of the world easily and efficiently. These remittances could be in the form of salaries, investments or financial support for their families. Sometimes when one doesn’t follow or has not gone through the money transfer guidelines Western Union platform can throw general errors at your screen.

western union error code m1028

In this article, we will describe the error code M1028. What does it mean? Why it generates? And what can you do to fix it.

What is an error code?

Error codes basically are a series of numbers starting with an alphabet most often. The error codes are generated on Western Union’s sites or on mobile app while a person wants to make a fund transfer.

These error codes are to be decoded by the customer support team. Each code has its own meanings and stores specific information on why a specific transfer is being declined or stuck.

To save you the long wait at the customer support helpline. We have discussed what the M1028 error code means below.

What does Error Code M1028 mean?

There can be many reasons for the decline and each code identifies why it has happened.

It can be either the person is exceeding his/her daily limit, unable to act as per the Western Union’s guide lines or the person was unable to provide enough information.

Western Union has 3 options through which a person can transfer money: first is cash to cash transfer which means the receiver can collect the amount from Western Union’s agency, second option is that the person can transfer money directly into the receiver’s bank account and third option is that the amount is transferred into Western Union’s online wallet.

Error code m1028 generates when you are sending money to a bank and it indicates that the account number which has been provided by the sender was incorrect and as a result the transfer is not going through.

What to do in such situation?

Basic Troubleshoot

Try to confirm the bank account number and other financial details of the receiver. Make sure the bank account, routing number, Full Name and address matches exactly on both ends.

Depending on the country you are sending money, different details could be required for a bank transfer. Go through all details with your receiver to make sure everything is accurate.

Login and Logout
After getting the information that what the code means then the person should reconfirm the account details from the receiver. If the details are correct and he is still unable to make the transfer then he needs to logout and login into his Western Union’s mobile account.

Re-Install the Application
If he still faces the same issue then he can try to re-install western union’s mobile application in order to transfer the desired funds.

Contact Webcare
If the issue still remains unsolved then he can take a screenshot of the error and send it to webcare@westernunion.com where his issue will be reviewed by the service providers within 42 business hours.

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