[Solved] Western Union Error Code R1136

If you have recently been a victim of declined Western Union services. There is a possibility your account might be facing a restriction or even lifetime ban. One of the most common Western Union error codes you might get is R1136. 

These error codes belong to compliance related issues which can possibly mean a serious limitation on your account. 

Let’s dive deeper into what these error codes mean and what can be done about them if you receive them. 

western union error code r1134

What is a Western Union Error Code?

Western Union error codes are generic numbers that indicate a problem with the transfer or the service. These errors could relate to the specific account or generally to all Western Union customers. 

To see a comprehensive list of Western Union error codes you can read this article. 

What Does the Error Code R1136 Mean?

The error Code R1136 means that your transaction has been declined by Western Union union. Western Union has a general script they read to all customers because the exact reason for the decline is never shared with the customer.

The exact script read to customers states “The transfer is declined due to compliance and regulatory reasons.”

Is your Account Banned?

No, the error code R1136 does not mean your account or any of your future transfers are subject to ban. You can still make more transactions. However, the specific transfers were declined by Western Union.

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Can you Apply for Re-evaluation?

No, Western Union will not allow you to re-apply for re-evaluation on these kinds of error codes. The option to apply for re-evaluation is only available when the whole account is banned. 

Since your account is not affected by the declined transaction. You will not be provided an option for re-evaluation. 

Why was the transfer Blocked?

Many customers are curious as to what caused their transfer to be declined. So they may avoid using the same practices in the future. While the wide majority of users intend to use the services legally. Sending money to their friends and family. 

There is a small portion of usage that goes towards illegal activities. In any case, Western Union will neer be able to guide you on the exact reason for ban.They will only recommend you to try the transfer one more time. Which in some cases can work. 

Possible Reasons for Decline

Since Western Union will not be telling you the exact reason for decline. You can try a few methods to check what might be wrong.

Send to Different Receiver

If your transfers to the same person are being repeatedly declined. Try sending the money to a different person who can handover the amount to the actual receivers, Western Union keeps a close look on the people sending and receiving money through their system. 

If you are able to send the transfer to a different person in the same location. The problem could potentially be with the receiver.

Try Sending with a DIfferent Payment Method

Western Union has different rules for different types of transfers. Different rules can apply to a digital transfer than a Retail transfer. You can try sending the transfer with cash if your digital transfers are being declined.

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