[Solved] Western Union Error Code C2201

Western Union has been doing wonders when it comes to transferring payment from one part of the world to another. They operate in almost every country, every time zone and help many clients to send or receive funds in over 130 currencies.

Unfortunately, several clients throughout the globe face problems related to error codes while sending or receiving amounts whether through mobile app, website or even through Western Union’s physical agency. Some codes limit the usage and others can ban the customer for a lifetime.

western union error code c2201

In this article we will be throwing light on what the error codes basically are? Why this specific error code (C2201) generates? And what does it mean?

Banned From Western Union?

Learn how to get unbanned from Western Union in a week. Read this article to start sending/receiving money again.

What is an error code?

The error codes are basically a series of different numbers which notify that the fund transfer has been declined or delayed and there could be many reasons for that.

The error codes are basically decoded by the customer support individuals and they have all the information that what a specific error code means and why the transaction has been halted or delayed.

What does the error code C2201 mean?

There are several different error codes and each code has its own meaning and effect. Whether the specific transaction which a customer has tried to make is being halted or delayed and he can go with another transaction smoothly or in worst scenario the account could get banned entirely.

But in case of the error code C2201, you need to understand that Western Union has a monthly limit for remittances and this code identifies that the customer has exceeded that limit. So, the good news is that your account has not been banned and the bad news is that you have to wait for a period of 30 days to make the desired transfer.

What is the transfer Limit?

Western Union just like any other money transfer service provider also has a transfer limit. Transferring amount internationally requires an understanding of the rules and regulation. The limits vary from country to country.

So, the limits depends upon many factors such as, where the person is sending money and how much his account’s transfer limit is. For Australia, there is a daily transaction limit of 5,000 Australian dollars, whereas, a limit of $3000 is set for a person who transfers money from Pakistan to someone residing in the United States. Moreover, one should keep in mind that the limit depends upon the payment method and person’s history of transactions.

Banned From Western Union?

Learn how to get unbanned from Western Union in a week. Read this article to start sending/receiving money again.

Can you apply for a Re-evaluation?

The person who receives or has received the error code C2201 cannot apply for Re-evaluation as his/her account has not been blocked and he is not banned for using Western Union’s account. As mentioned above this code tells that the amount is exceeding the monthly limit and the person has to wait for 30 days or can try again with lesser amount. In Contrast, one can only apply for re-evaluation if his account has been banned completely.

Why was the transfer blocked?

Funds transfers can be blocked, declined or delayed for several reasons like, exceeding transfer limits, unable to meet the identification requirements, non-availability and other such regulatory issues. However, the western Union’s compliance are not allowed to share the reason as per the company’s policy.

P.S. In order to avoid uncertainty, a person who wishes to transfer funds internationally must read the terms and conditions along with the company’s policies for successful a successful remittance.

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