Western Union Money Transfer Being Paid by Another Terminal

Transferring funds through Western Union is designed to be as simple as buying a cup of coffee. However, there are complex systems running in the back end that make the transfers secure, fast and dependable. 

There are many errors you can receive while picking up your Western Union at the store. If a store agent tells you that your Western Union money transfer is being paid by another terminal. 

western union locked to another terminal. being paid out at a different location.

Due to which they can’t payout the funds. 

We’ll tell you everything that went wrong with the transfer, and what you can do to get your funds paid out. 

What Does the Error Mean (Being Paid by Another Terminal c7046)?

I’m putting an explanation for users who are curious about the technical side of things. If you don’t care, that causes the issue. You can skip to the solution below.

For those of you interested; Western Union’s system only allows a money transfer to be accessed by one agent at a time. The term terminal represents any entity that works with Western Union that has the ability to access the money transfer.

Most commonly these terminals are agents at the store where you get paid out.

Why It Happens

As explained before, a money transfer is only allowed to be accessed from one terminal at a time. After the money transfer has been accessed, it needs to be closed so that other agents can access it or the transfer could be made available for the receiver

This happens often when the receiver contacts customer support from the store, because he’s having trouble getting paid. When the customer representative on the phone accesses the transfer, it blocks the agent at the store to process the transfer. 

Which is why the agent is shown the message “Western Union money transfer being paid by another terminal”. 

How to Fix it?

The solution is pretty simple. If a money transfer is locked at another terminal. The system automatically unlocks the transfer after 15-20 minutes. 

If you are a receiver trying to get the funds. Ask the agent if they have exited the transaction on their side. If yes, then your best bet is to wait at the store for 20 minutes. Do not call the customer support, or try to check the status of the money transfer. 

It might put the transfer in locked status once again. 

Restrictions on a Transfer When it’s Locked to Another Terminal

A locked money transfer is only available as  read only in the system. You cannot make any kind of changes, or get paid on the transfer while it’s locked to another terminal.

If the Error Persists

If the transfer still shows as locked after waiting 20 minute. You should call Western Union’s customer support helpline. They would be able to confirm if there is anything else required on the transfer from your side. 

Otherwise, if everything else is OK. Most likely, they would also advise you to wait. 

If your Western Union does not become available on the committed date. You can request a fee refund from the company. Which they will happily issue.

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