How much can Western Union send without ID

Just like any other financial money services, Western Union has to abide by all financial and federal laws related to money transfers. These laws bound the companies to collect ID information to secure and identify the process of funds transfer.

To complete a transfer, both senders and receivers have to provide their valid ID’s so they can send and receive money. However, in some unavoidable circumstances the receiver may not be able to show a valid ID to collect the funds.

how much can western union send without id

These scenarios include: misplaced, expired or stolen ID. In any case, Does Western Union allow you to send money so that the receiver can receive the funds without ID

Let’s find out.

What Information is Needed to Send a Money Transfer

For a typical transfer, here are the details you need to have to send money using Western Union.

  1. Your Valid ID
  2. Your Address
  3. Receivers Name
  4. Receivers State/Country
  5. Receiver’s Address

In case your receiver is not able to show a valid ID at the store. You can definitely set up a transfer to be picked up without an ID. However, some restrictions still apply which are discussed below.

How much Money can Western Union send without ID

You can send up to $299.99 to receiver that does not have a valid ID. This type of a transfer is known as a test question transfer

When sending a transfer. You have to mention the agent that your receiver will be receiving this via a test question. The agent will have to check a box that says pay without ID. You will then be required to set a security question on the transfer, the answer for which will be treated as a password to unlock the money transfer. 

The security question could be anything specific that you both know or it could be any random information that people have access to. 

What Restrictions Apply

For transfers that use security questions instead of ID’s the following restrictions apply:

  1. The transfer has to be within the US. International transfers are not supported for payment without an ID.
  2. The transfer amount needs to be less than $300
  3. You can only pay with cash for a Test Question transfer. Payments with credit/debit cards online are not supported for such transfers. 

In addition to all above restrictions. Your receivers still needs to have all other critical information about the transfer including:

  1. The MTCN 
  2. Senders Name and Sending State
  3. Senders Address
  4. The amount of transfer
  5. The answer to the test question

Can a 16 Year Old Pickup a Western Union without ID

Yes, underage receivers can also pick up Western Union transfers without an ID. They only need the answer to the test question and all other relevant details about the transfer. 

Why does Western Union ask for ID to send money

Collecting ID information services many purposes for financial institutions. Here are some of the reasons why they do it.

To comply with Financial Laws

Western Union just like banks are bound by global and financial laws to collect ID information. This helps the government trace the funds going in and out of the country, and help retrieve information from relevant information more easily when needed. 

To Prevent Fraud

Western Union maintains an internal list of Scammers and Abusers who use the system for illegal activities. By keeping a track of their ID information. The company is able to keep illegal activities away from the ecosystem.

What Store Can be Used to Receive Money without ID

All stores in the US can be used to pick up Western Union without an ID except Walmart. Walmart has a policy of not processing Western Union transfers that are supposed to be picked up by a test question.

Any other store like Kroger, Dollar General or Rite Aid will be able to give you the funds without an ID, provided a test question has been set up.

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