[Solved] Western Union Consumer not Allowed Refund in Progress

There is nothing worse when you are in urgent need to transfer funds across the globe, and your preferred remittance company denies your transfer. 

For many Western Union customers, this is the reality. Western Union restricts its users from using their system without prior notice and any information as to why their access to the platform is blocked. 

consumer not allowed refund in progress

The customers receive messages such as Western Union Consumer not Allowed Refund in Progress. Which are pretty self-explanatory and prevent users from sending their transfers. 

In this article, we will discuss what this error really means, and what can you do to possibly fix this. 

Why Does the Transfer Say Consumer not Allowed

If your transfer is on a refund status with Consumer not allowed message. It means that you have been banned from using Western Union for unknown reasons. You can always try to get in contact with Western Union to figure out the reason for this ban. But they will never be able to tell you the exact reason why this happened. 

Western Union has an extensive database of customers that they have banned. The company does not care how much business you bring to them. If they feel you have violated their terms of agreement or used the service for illegal purposes they will ban you.

The Error Codes R7008 and R7008

Depending on how you tried to make a transfer. You should also get some error codes indicating your Western Union. The most common compliance error codes that show up for such transactions are R7008 and R7009. These two simply mean that you have been blocked from sending or receiving money.

These are not the only error codes that can appear. There are other codes that can indicate a ban too. Any code that starts with an R is most likely related to a ban or some limitation within your account. To know more about the codes read this extensive guide for Western Union error codes or contact Western Union support.

If you try to ask them exactly the reason why. The customer support will only tell that this was done due to some compliance and regulatory reasons.

How Long is the Ban

Western Union bans can be of two types:

Permanent Bans:

If you receive the message Customer not allowed refund in progress on your transfer. You are most likely permanently banned from Western Union. The reason for this ban would again be unknown, and you cannot expect Western Union to lift the ban automatically after some time.

Temporary Limitations:

Western Union limits its users on how much money they can receive and send in the last 30 days. If a user exceeds the transfer limits they may be temporarily banned from using the system. However, the limits will automatically be removed after a certain period of time. 

How to Revert the Ban

There is no definite way to revert permanent bans imposed by Western Union. However, Western Union does offer an option for banned customers to re-evaluate their ban. This re-evaluation does not guarantee that the ban will be lifted, only that it will be re-evaluated.

On what grounds the ban is re-evaluated, nobody knows. What you can do to increase your chances of lifting the ban is also unknown. 

To apply for a revaluation you need to send an email to gcr@westernunion.com with your name, email address and any error codes you might have. The team will be able to review the re-evaluation request and get back to you.

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