What does CCB Status Means in Western Union?

The majority of transfers going through Western Union make it to the receiver without any holds. There are a few transactions that can be flagged by the system for additional information. If your Western Union transfer status says anything but W/C (available status)

Your receiver might have a hard time receiving the funds. CCB pay status also indicates one of these scenarios. 

ccb western union

Banned From Western Union?

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Let’s dive deep into the CCB pay Status and see what it means and what you can do to make your transfer available. 

What Does CCB Means in Western Union

CCB is yet another department within the compliance team of Western Union. The job for this department is to regulate the money transfers based on financial laws and Western Union terms and conditions. 

The CCB status means that your transfer is on hold and additional information is required for it to be available. 

If a transfer is on hold for further information. The Western Union team is bound to let the customers know that additional information is required. 

Why is my Transfer on Hold

 Western Union will never tell you the exact reason why the transfer was triggered in their system. It could be the amount or the number of transfers you are making that make your money transfer activity look suspicious. 

What information is required

The information required depends on the transfer. For many transfers you would be asked about the transaction or the receiver, and the reasons why you are making the transfer.

The CCB team can also ask you for the receiver’s ID. If they feel like the receiver is already banned on Western Union due to previous transfers.

Some people might feel like this is too much personal information that should not be required. But Western Union claims the information is required by law for regulatory purposes.

Where to Submit Additional Information to CCB

In most cases, the information required would be due on the sender’s end. You will not be able to submit the information through the app or the website. 

If your transfer has a CCB pay status. You need to call Western Union support and ask them about the status of your transfer. 

The support rep will connect you with the right team. Once the CCB team has the required information they will ask for sometimes to make a decision on the transfer. They would typically call you back within 30 minutes of gathering information.

Banned From Western Union?

Learn how to get unbanned from Western Union in a week. Read this article to start sending/receiving money again.

What If I don’t want to provide additional information

You can definitely opt out of the additional information process. However, your money transfer would be at the risk of being declined. Opting out fo the information process also does not mean that they transfer will not be put on hold the next time you try sending the funds. 

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