How to Avoid Western Union Fees

When we send money using contemporary methods and services, such as Western Union, there is a certain amount of service fees that we pay. Most people don’t like to pay these extra dollars. Is there anything we can do to avoid the Western Union fee? Yes, we surely can.

There are a few simple ways to avoid Western Union fee charges. We’ll let you know about these ways in the following article

avoid western union fee

How much Western Union Charges to Send Money

We need to check upon which factors Western Union Fees depend. These are the service charges that the company receives as compensation to provide you with a resource to send money to your beloved ones dwelling in either the same or different countries. This fee depends upon the following factors:

  1. Location

Western Union provides the facility to transfer money locally (within the same country) as well as internationally. The fee is different for both of these options. The fee for the same amount being transferred to a person within the same country would be different than the amount to be sent to a different country.

  1. Payment Method

Western Union offers different methods to its consumers to send money. These payment methods include: 

  • Retail Transfer (from Western Union Agent Locations)
  1. Retail to Bank Account
  2. Retail to Retail
  3. Retail to Mobile Wallet
  • Online Transfer (using the WU website or WU mobile phone application)
  1. Back to Retail
  2. Bank to Bank
  3. Bank to Mobile Wallet
  4. Bank to Card
  5. Card to Retail
  6. Mobile Wallet to Mobile Wallet
  • Telephonic Money Transfer
  1. Card to Retail

All of these payment methods have different charges as per the selection options.

  1. Amount 

One of the most important factors that decide the magnitude of the Western Union Fee is the amount itself that is going to be transferred. They have a direct relation. As the amount increases Western Union Fee to transfer the amount increases too.

How To Avoid Western Union Fees

Now, we are going to discuss some ways that can be used to avoid Western Union Fee. Not most people know about it and using these methods you can enjoy Zero Service Fee, which most people are missing

Use Your My Wu Points

Western Union provides an option to its new as well as existing customers to get enrolled in the ‘Western Union Loyalty Program’. Due to the lack of proper knowledge and not knowing the benefits of this program, most of the customers opt to reject this option. There are three important things to know about Western Union Loyalty Program:

  1. It’s Free – Consumers don’t need to pay any amount to get enrolled in this program.
  2. It Makes Transfers Quick – The enrolled customers enjoys the facility of faster transactions.
  3. It Saves You to Pay Western Union Fee – Points earned after getting enrolled in this program help to lessen or in many cases completely avoid the Western Union Fee.

When consumers get enrolled in this program, they gain points (MyWU Points) on each transaction they make. The number of points is equal to the amount of the service fee they pay for a transfer. For example, if a person transfers $100 and he pays $10 as the transfer fee, then 10 My WU points would be added to his account. These points can be redeemed afterward to get discounts or to wave off the Western Union Fee.

How to check your WU points

There are some simple and easy methods to check your My WU points:

1.Using the self-service options 

  1. Automatic IVR
  2. Website
  3. Mobile Application
  • Calling the customer service number of Western Union

    2. Pay with a Bank Account

One of the best methods to transfer money via Western Union is paying with a Bank Account. The bank account option can be used both on the WU website and WU mobile application. Paying with a bank account offers minimal charges as the transfer fee and in most cases no fee at all. The amount can be transferred from one bank to another bank as well as to the agent location and can avoid Western Union fees.

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