[Solved] Western Union Error Code C2008


Transferring money through Western Union is quick and simple. But sometimes you may face some error codes that would fail your transactions. Knowing these Western Union error codes will help you resolve the issues, eventually making your transfers successful. 

These errors may occur due to improper internet connection, missing information, country policies, or any other Western Union compliance reasons. Once the reason is known to you for the occurring Western Union Error Code, policy-guided steps can be taken to resolve the error.

western union  error code c2008

What is a Western Union Error Code?

Western Union Error Codes may occur on any type of the Western Union Money Transfer Platforms, including the Western Union Mobile App, WU.com website, or even transferring money from a retail shop. 

Western Union Error Codes are normally alpha-numeric. These error codes start with the letters R, C or U. Some of these Western Union errors might stay for a temporary period and get fixed after that, while others stay permanently. The best way to resolve the relevant issue is to contact customer support immediately.

In this article, we will be discussing one specific Western Union Error code C2008.

What Does the Error Code C2008 Mean?

The  Error Code R2008 occurs when your transaction fails due to compliance and regulatory concerns. Since, Western Union is one of the biggest money transfer service providers globally and deals with various national and international laws. 

To prevalent scams and fraudulent activities, Western Union chooses to decline those transactions which involve any suspicious information or activity.

Is your Account Banned?

After seeing the Western Union Error code C2008, most of the consumers question if their Western Union account has been blocked. The answer is, Yes. Until or unless the account is going to be unblocked by the relevant department from Western Union, no further transactions can be made by the consumer.

Can you appeal Against the ban?

Western Union Error Code C2008 indicates your account is blocked. This is a permanent ban on account that restricts you from making any kind of transactions in the future. 

One of the compliance departments of Western Union (GCR: Global Consumer Reinstatement) deals with consumer bans, deciding which consumer or business can transfer money using Western Union transfer method and which cannot. Once your account is blocked, there is a re-evaluation procedure that you can go through in order to have this decision reviewed by the compliance team.

The re-evaluation procedure doesn’t guarantee if the decision taken by the compliance to block WU account would be changed but it certainly will be re-evaluated. 

Why was the transfer Blocked?

Western Union promises its consumers to provide the best service for money transfer without the fear of being scammed and being a victim of fraud. In order to prevent fraudulent activities Western Union governs by various international and national remedince laws

Western Union doesn’t share the reason with its consumers for blocking their transfers as per the laws and policies. Whereas, Western Union does provide the steps and procedure to have the decision reviewed. To apply for a re-evaluation request you can follow steps in this article

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