Western Union OVLQ Status Meaning

When you transfer funds using Western Union. The funds are associated with one of many transfer statuses that indicate the current status of the transfer.

OVLQ transfer status indicates that the transfer is not available for pickup and needs further review.

ovlq status western union

Transfer Status – What are they?

Before a money transfer can be picked up at the store. It has to go through many reviews within the Western Union eco-system to ensure it complies with all regulations. 

To make sure you only travel the distance to your nearest Western Union when it is available. Western Union assigns status relevant transfer statuses which indicate if the money is available or not. 

When a transfer is available for pickup. Western Union assigned the status of W/C to it. Indicating it can be picked up at the store. 

Where can you check Transfer Status

There are multiple ways to check the status of a Western Union. No matter how you have made your transfer you can always get in touch with Western Union customer support and they will be able to guide you on the current status.

Digital Transfers

For transfers made digitally on the website or the mobile app. You can check the current status of your transfer by going to:

  1. Log in to your Western Union app or the website.
  2. Go to Menu and Click on History
  3. Click on the Transfer you want to check the status of
  4. You should be able to see the status of the transfer

Check Status Online

You can use Western Union’s online MTCN tracking system to determine the status of your transfer. You can use the tool to check the status using the MTCN or you can also search by the Senders and Receivers Name. 

What Does OVLQ Status Mean

OVLQ stands for Over Limit Queue. This department in Western Union deals with transfers that are over the specified limit for the user within a certain time. 

If your transfer shows OVLQ status this means the transfer is not available for pickup. As a receiver there is nothing you can do to revert the status. 

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What to do if your Transfer is Stuck In OVLQ Status

If you are trying to receive a transfer with OVLQ status. You need to ask the sender to get in touch with Western Union. Western Union will be able to redirect you to the OVLQ team that can update you further on the transfer.

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