Western Union Age Limit to Receive Money at Store

Western Union follows industry standards when providing sending or receiving services at their stores. This means that they verify both parties of the transfer with their valid ID’s. 

The age at which an ID is issued could vary depending on the country.

But is there an age limit set by Western Union to receive money? If so, what is it?

western union age limit to receive money

Western Union Age Limit to Receive Money

In most cases, the age limit to receive money is 18 years, because it’s when most countries issue a valid ID to their citizens. However, depending on your country, if you have already received a valid ID by your government before 18 you should still be able to receive your funds at a Western Union store.

For receivers that don’t have a valid ID yet, or have an expired ID. There is a workaround known as a Test Question.

What is a Western Union Test Question?

A Test Question is an alternative form of verification method used by Western Union to pay funds when a receiver is unable to provide a valid ID at the store for any reason. 

The Test Question works as a password to unlock and receive a money transfer. This Test Question and Answer has to be set by the sender while he is sending a money transfer. The sender can ask the agent at the store to put a test question while sending the funds.

Otherwise, the question can also be added by customer support on sender’s request after a transfer has been made.

Sample Test Question and Answers for Western Union Transfer

There aren’t any restrictions on what a Test Question and Answer can be. You can pretty much set anything as your test question. An example would be:

Question: Name of your dog?

Answer: Poodle

The answer to the question is case-sensitive, and has to be provided exactly at the store  by the receiver. 

Can I use a Test Question on Western Union online?

Unfortunately no, you cannot use a Test Question on a Western Union made online. The app would let you add the Test Question, but your receiver would have to present an ID in addition to the test question added. 

The receiver would not be able to pick up the funds solely by providing an answer to the Test Question.

Here are the some other restrictions that apply to a Test Question:

  1. Only applicable on transfers going with in US
  2. Only available for transfers less than $300
  3. Does not apply on digital transfers

Can a 15, 16 or 17 Year Old Claim Money in Western Union?

Yes, even a minor who is 15, 16 or 17 year old can claim a Western Union by providing an answer to the Test Question, provided all the requirements of test question are met on the transfer.

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