How to Contact Western Union Compliance Department (Phone & Email)

A good portion of Western Union’s customers face some sort of limitation in sending or receiving money. Depending on the particular scenario, these limitations could be temporary or permanent. 

These limitations are put on by Western Union’s Compliance Department. There is very little information passed on to the customer about the compliance team 

Who they are, what they do. Very little is known. But if your Western Union was declined. You would be asked to contact the compliance.

So how to contact Western Union’s compliance team, what is their phone number?

western union compliance department phone number

What is Western Union’s Compliance Department?

Western Union as a financial company is subject to a lot of financial rules and regulations they have to abide by. The compliance team makes sure that every transaction going through the system abides by these laws.

Being blocked from Western Union does not mean that you’re doing something wrong. It doesn’t mean you’re using money for wrong purposes. However, you can still be blocked for reasons that will be undisclosed.  

What is the Phone Number for the Compliance Department?

The Western Union’s compliance department does not have a phone line. It is a tier 2 department that can only be contacted by customer support representatives (Tier 1). 

If you contact Western Union to  speak with the compliance team. Your call will never be forwarded. Since they don’t deal with customers directly. 

How to Contact the Compliance Department?

The generic one liner information provided to you will be “Your Transfer is declined due to come compliance and regulatory reasons”.

Which is obviously vague and does not help at all. 

All you can do is file a re-evaluation of the decision to the compliance team. They can be contacted at 

Send them an email with the following details

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Your Email Address Associated with your account
  3. MTCN from recent transfer that was blocked
  4. A brief summary of how you were not able to send the money

If the re-evaluation request is accepted. You should be able to send the funds again. 

How Long Will they take to Review

The time frame for the decision keeps on changing. It depends on the workforce to customer ratio. 

In the midst of covid days, their response time was 45 business days. However, it could have gone fast since then. It’s best to contact the customer support for an up to date timeline. 

How Can You Check the Status of Your Request?

Once you apply for the re-evaluation. You should receive an automated response. The response would confirm that your request has been received, and it should have a case number associated with it. 

You can use that case number as a reference to check the status of your request. 

How to contact Western Union corporate office?

If you would like to file a complaint about Western Union’s policies, a money transfer, or a person working at Western Union. You can contact the Western Union corporate office at 

7001 E. Belleview, Denver, CO 80237.


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