How to Check Blacklisted/Flagged Names in Western Union

Since the history of time, man has witnessed the dynamic nature of the world. People started to travel in search of a better opportunity and to earn more to uplift the living standard. A lot of individuals work abroad and transfer funds on a daily weekly and monthly basis. Western union has been contributing the most to this ecosystem. But there are a few things which can be frustrating for customers as their transfers get declined or their accounts get banned forever.

In this Article we will discuss that why Western Union blacklists the customers? And what can be done in such case? And most importantly, how to check if your name is blacklisted/flagged by Western Union.

western union banned/blacklisted flagged names

Banned From Western Union?

Learn how to get unbanned from Western Union in a week. Read this article to start sending/receiving money again.

Why does Western Union Blacklists/Flags customers?

Western Union has many customers throughout the globe who are at a peak of satisfaction. The funds transferred could be investments, salaries, family supports or for any genuine reason. But sometimes the senders or receivers can violate Western Union’s terms and policies. Not all but there are a few customers who misuse the service as they are involved in some fraudulent, violate the terms of the company, ignore the regulatory guidelines and hence end up being on the company’s blacklist.

How to check Western Union Blacklist/Flagged Names?

When a person makes or wishes to make a fund transfer using western Union’s mobile application, website or through the physical agency and the transfer is declined then the person has no clue why it got rejected as there could be several reasons for that. Western Union has already shared the guidelines which are must to follow to avoid restrictions. But after the transfer has been declined or if the customer has been black listed Western Union doesn’t share any data online or offline data through for banned or blacklisted names..

However there are a few alternative ways you can use to check if your if your account is blacklisted or flagged. Here are methods:

Look for error codes

Banned From Western Union?

Learn how to get unbanned from Western Union in a week. Read this article to start sending/receiving money again.

The customer should check if he has received any specific error code which is indicating that his/her account has been banned or blacklisted. To know what a specific error code means he has to contact the customer support and they will let him know what does the code means.

These error codes are unique for each situation/transaction and account. So you can be sure the code will decode some of the questions regarding the ban.

Send to a different receiver

If a customer is trying to make a transfer and it is being constantly declining, then he should try sending the amount to any other account in order to make sure that there is nothing wrong with that specific account to which he was trying to send earlier. This could be a possibility that the certain receiver is banned.

Try different payment methods

If a person is consistently facing the issue, he might try to use a different platform or medium to transfer funds like, if he/she is transferring amount through mobile app or website and is struggling with that, then he should try to make transfers through the physical agencies within his vicinity or through telephone money transfer service. Still if he faces the same issue then most probably he is banned.

How to appeal against bans?

Any customer who gets banned for a life type or in other words is on the Western Union’s blacklist can send an email to with name and recent Money transfer control number (MTCN). However, the authorities normally take 45 business days to review the application and there is no guarantee that the issue gets resolved.

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