Best Western Union Netspend Reload Locations

Western Union enables its customers to transfer funds to different parts of the world. The company is the most trusted service provider among its customers worldwide. Western Union has almost 42,000 agent locations across the United States and has partnered with Netspend to offer more to its customers.

Western Union Netspend Reload Locations

In this article we will talk about what this Netspend card is? Where can you get this card? And from where you can reload this prepaid card?

What is a Western Union Netspend card?

The Western Union and Netspend have partnered to make and receive Western Union® Money Transfer transactions without going out of your home. This card offers a variety of services that include receiving government payments, bill payments, online shopping or withdrawal from ATMs. This card will also allow the customers to transfer funds to over 200 countries in the world from many of the Western Union agent locations or online.

Netspend was founded in 1999 and has enabled a number of customers to use a variety of services. The company offers services through which one can make purchases at stores, over phone or online.

How Can You get a Western Union Netspend card?

Western Union Netspend card is issued by the Western Union Metabank. Netspend is a registered agent for Metabank.

If you want to get a Western Union Netspend card you have to visit any of the Western Union agent’s location or can visit Western Union Netspend Prepaid website. 

On the site, you have to complete an online application with the details like First and Last name, Address and direct deposit information, Date of birth and State Issued ID in case you have to deposit government benefit checks.

 Secondly, you have to choose a card design, review the cardholder agreement and after that you have to click on Get My Card and you are good to go.

WU Netspend Prepaid Mastercard will enable you to receive funds within minutes and if you are used to picking up cash by visiting agent locations or bank account deposits it will ease the process. 

But keep in mind that all the services this card has come with a price. You will have to pay a monthly fee of $9.95 and $2.50 upon withdrawal from the ATM. Plus, if you make an international transaction using this card you will have to pay 4 percent of the total amount.

List of Western Union Netspend reload locations

The Western Union Netspend card needs to be reloaded after or before making a certain transaction. Now, there are many retail stores including grocery and pharmacy stores that provide Western Union services and by visiting these stores you can reload your WU Netspend prepaid card.

Following is a list of WU Netspend prepaid card reload locations:


Kroger’s is the largest grocery retailer in the United States and second largest in the world after behind. In contrast, Western Union is the most popular Money Transfer Service provider. On October 14th 2020, both the companies announced to extend their 35-years relationship. This allowed customers to transfer funds using Western Union services at any nearby Kroger stores. and most of them don’t take off on Sundays. Kroger has more than 2000 stores across the United States where you can reload WU Netspend cards.


7-Eleven is a very well-known store in the United States and has the largest chain in the convenience retail industry. 7-Eleven operates in about 20 countries and has more than 6,000 stores across the United States that provide Western Union services along with Netspend card reload.

Rite aid Retail

Rite aid Retail was founded in 1962 and was known as Thrift D Discount Center at first. It is the third largest drugstore chain in the United States that has more than 2400 stores across the country that provide Western Union funds transfer services and by visiting these stores you can reload the WU Netspend card.


Walgreen is America’s largest pharmacy chain after CVS Health. In early 2014, Western Union and Walgreen signed an agreement to enable customers to send and receive funds from any of the Walgreen stores in the United States. These stores also provide WU Netspend prepaid card reload service.

Also note that, reloading the WU Netspend prepaid card will have some charges and the stores mentioned above will charge $3.95 as reload fee.

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